Graphic Design

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Web Design VS Graphic Design

Graphic design involves creating graphics, typography and images to present and idea. Graphic Design consist of creating digital graphics, which then are turned into brochures, posters, or whatever branding materials needed to advertise or market the product.

Web Design involves creating graphics, typography, and images just like Graphic Design, but we use the World Wide Web. Unlike Graphic Designers, Web Designers also must be able to turn their designs into a working website. This involves knowing HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and most of the time Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). That is the basic difference.


Playwright Flyer

CCQS flyer

Home Health Flyer

Color Trifold Brochure

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Thrifold Quinceanera Program

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DM Visuals Custom Designs

business card

3.5" x 2" Business Card

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We offer a wide variety of business card sizes so that your design choice can display the amount of information you want to advertise. Full color designs offer a realistic look that signifies your professionalism.

CUSTOM DESIGNS is what we pride ourselves on. Sure you can log on to many online printing interphases and design your project in remarkable time. Some of these online projects are the exact fit for some people. But when you want something a little more personal and that can represent you in a unique way, then DM Visuals is the answer.

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6" x 4" Business Card