Business Cards

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Multi Colored Business Card

This multi-colored business card was designed with custom colors and custom designs in mind. Using a high quality paper to print on really made this design pop. Notice the artistic fonts. Nice huh!

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Dark, Full Colored Business Card

Colors are critically important when choosing what message you want on your business card. This dark colored business card is highlighted with a bright yellow-orange logo and text combination. Each color compliments the other to give a fresh unique look.

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Simple gradient business card

This simple gradient color business card design can be used for numerous possibilities. The colors can be arranged in various ways to give it a unique look personal to you.

5" x 7" Colored Postcard

This larger postcard/business card offers many more possibilities than the traditional smaller business card. There is almost unlimited space for advertising whatever it is you want your audience to see. Here, it was used for a graduation invitation.

Using as a Business Card

This 5″ x 7″ billboard can be used when you offer several services and a small business card just does not have enough area to list the services. Placing the list on the back can sometimes crowd your card and look unprofessional.

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Multi-Ads Business/ Postcard

Sometimes clients have the need to combine their entrepreneurial adventures into one advertising project. Here, we see how DM Visuals is able to make a smooth transition from one business to another on the same document.

Since this client has more than one business to advertise and has chosen to do so on one card, we wanted to meet the challenge. We done so by matching the colors from both ventures, then using the best combination of fonts to cause each ad to have its own unique pop. Let us help design your next business card and see what we can do for you.

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(left) Medical Business Card

Professionally designed business cards that contains important information on how to contact and do business with the owners.

Mass Choir's Business Card (right)

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*All designs shown were created, designed and published by DM Visuals. Phone numbers have been modified to protect the privacy of each business owner.

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